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Vex 4
Vex 4

Vex 4



Vex 4 is a new chapter of the platform adventure. This episode is full of new challenges and new game features. Players can complete a whole new collection of tricky ‘Acts’ in neutral and difficult mode. Completing the additional challenges in each level will allow players to unlock the highest difficulty setting. Players must run and jump past the rows of spikes, the buzz saws, the throwing knives, the laser beams, and many other deadly obstacles. They must swim through the water, slide down the zip lines, break through the ice, climb walls, and kick aside the crates to survive.

How to play Vex 4?

Players can run and jump through the level, searching for the flags (checkpoints) that mark the route to the finish. The new Challenge Level game feature allows players to explore 20 stages of a level that keeps expanding and doesn't have any checkpoints (unlike the regular levels).

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Release date

Monday October 15 2018

Run and jump
Press while jumping to smash through ice or kick crates